Park Owner

The 611 Residential Community is in a transition from one owner to another. The new owner purchased the park merely three months ago in June of 2018 from Robert and Rosie Bates, who developed and operated the park for forty-years.

All current leases were assigned to tenants by the previous owner (Bates) and continue in effect until their renewal dates.

Rules and Regulations proposed by the new owner are 6-pages of "do's and don'ts" to be activated in one year after the expiration of the current leases and their governing Rules and Regulations, namely one page of rules and regulations attached to the Bates leases.

Letter from owner 8/15 [copy]

Duties and Responsibilities of Park Owner –– the list of duties and responsibilities of park owner is compiled from the Washington State RCW statutes, which govern the relationship between mobile/manufactured homeowners and park owners.

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