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Homeowners living in the 611 Cedar Residential Community in Port Hadlock have a number of partner organizations, which represent mobile and manufactured homeowners. Tenants as owners are encouraged to become members of any or all partner organizations in order to learn about the resources the organizations offer to residents when they become members of the associations.

We who live here at 611 Cedar are pretty independent type folks. We tend to value our freedoms as we exercise our rights. We look out for our neighbors and they look after us.

The question has come up? Do we residents here at 611 have a homeowner's association? Well, that depends on what is the definition of a homeowner's association? If the definition is a neighborhood of friendly folks, who respect each other and look out for each other, you'd have to say that the residents of 611 Cedar indeed have a homeowner's association.

We are definitely homeowners. Each home is owned by at least one of the people living there. A single owner may be a retired senior or a single parent. Couples, who own homes, might be husband and wife or partners. And, families of various sizes own their own homes. No renters here. Owners at Six-Eleven are proud of owning their own homes. We work hard to take care of our lives, meet our obligations, and enjoy our time at home.

We associate with one another in many ways. It might be daily. It might be monthly. We chat at the mailbox, over the hedge, and at the kitchen table. Our associations with one another happen often and are meaningful. Sometimes associating with one another are spontaneous, sometimes planned.

Many homeowners belong to larger associations, which represent owners of mobile and manufactured home. Some of the associations are Manufactured Home Owners of America and Association of Manufactured Home Owners, Tenants Union of Washington State.

Homeowners and park owners enter into lease agreements to define the relationships between homeowners and park owners. As part of the agreement, park owners agree to follow the law outlined in the Washington State RCW 59.20The Mobile/Manufactured Home Landlord Tenant Act. The Duties and Responsibilities of the Park Owner, the Landlord, are spelled out as the law of the State of Washington.

We meet in small groups with neighbors who live close-by. We have common interests to discuss. Like-minded folks gather around common interests. These small groups spring up spontaneously, in response to new situations and opportunities.

Some of us residents have been living here at Six-Eleven for 20 or more years. Others of us for 10 years. And for some new residents, this may their first year. Whether we are recent or old-timers, we recognize a certain sense of community among owners, who share the streets between our homes.

Regional Mobile/Manufactured Homeowners Association

The purpose and objective that guides MHOA is for improving the quality of life for all manufactured/mobile home owners and promoting the health, safety and welfare of the owners of manufactured/mobile homes. Phone 360-373-2436

Manufactured/Mobile Home Owners of America
3627 Wheaton Way, Suite 105B
Bremerton, WA 98310

Regional Mobile/Manufactured Homeowners Association
 Washington Manufactured Home Owners
AMHO is a statewide, independent non-profit organization representing the interests of Washington’s manufactured home owners.
AMHO Westside 425-772-5174

AMHO is a not-for-profit Washington State Corporation with an IRS status as a 501(c)(3) organization. Its stated purpose is to promote, represent, preserve and enhance the rights and interests of manufactured homeowners in the state of Washington through communication, education, negotiation and perpetuation of our communities. The major focus has been the education of elected officials and the general communities, to support the production of more affordable housing, and to strengthen the bargaining power of manufactured homeowners living in communities.

 Washington Tenants Union
The mission of the Tenants Union (TU) is to create housing justice through empowerment-based education, outreach, leadership development, organizing, and advocacy. 

TU Victory! Started by volunteers in 1977, the Tenants Union has a long history of victories for housing justice through education, organizing and advocacy. These victories were led and supported by our membership. For more information on how to become a member, 

5425 Rainier Avenue S Ste B
Seattle, WA 98118-2455

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