This website is a blog. It can be used as a communications tool to benefit the residents who live at 611 Cedar and who want to be involved. It is developed to be informative and helpful to the residents in the 75 households in this residential community. 

The blog is put together by Dan Youra, a resident who lives on Senior Street. He is not associated in anyway with the previous or current owners. He does not receive any financial support for his volunteer work. In his professional career, Dan worked for companies, which built websites for customers. He volunteered to assemble these web pages together as a blog for the benefit of his neighbors. Dan can be contacted by email at

An example of how this website can be helpful to homeowners is the Resources Page, where there is a list of organizations and agencies whose goals are to help people who live in mobile home parks and similar residential communities.

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Plans for the Website

The website has the potential to evolve with the input from other residents who want to participate.

1.) If you want to stay informed about updates and new information added to this website, simply enter your email address in the blank for "Email Address" on the top of the left hand column.

2.) All personal information about residents, including email addresses, will be strictly protected with the highest security and confidentiality to assure maximum privacy. Your email address will not be shared, sold, or seen by anyone without your expressed authorization.

3.) You are invited to make comments about the Posts and Pages by writing your thoughts in the Comment Section at the bottom of each Post and Page. Be aware that any comments you write are visible to the public who visit the website.

4.) If you, as a resident, want to share information or have your photo on the website, such wishes will be accommodated to the extent possible. Maybe a resident wants a picture of his or her home to appear on the site in order to share a photo with relatives back in Pittsburg. Maybe a resident wants a picture of his or herself or of their family on the site. This will be possible only if the resident wants such opportunities. No picture of a resident or family member will appear without the expressed knowledge and consent of the homeowner.

5.) Individual Posts and Pages can be shared with friends on social media by clicking on the small icons at the bottom of the individual Posts and Pages.

6.) If you have some experience in managing websites or blogs and you would like to assist this effort, you are invited to contact Dan Youra to discuss how you can participate.

7.) Other additions to the site will be implemented as time and resources become available.

A homeowner's tree is enjoyed by neighbors

Wide Streets, Wide Lots and Spacious Skys

The over-55 senior street in the park

Homes with shrubs                            Peaceful street

Entrance to seniors street        Quiet setting near green

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